In order to realise these tasks a FAB committee and a working group on consulting and engineering were founded. The working group presents itself externally as German International Consulting Groupwith which the member companies have established a pool of key experts for the solution of special consulting and engineering tasks.

In close cooperation with associations and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) the FAB especially concentrates on several bilateral working groups on coal or mining with different countries. In addition, there are further agreements with partner mining associations in foreign countries in order to intensify the bilateral cooperation.

The FAB is acting as a contact-point for the industries and their associations in order to cooperate with the Federal Ministries and further Federal and regional institutions. The FAB is a partner for domestic as well as for external institutions – e. g. embassies, mining authorities and mining companies.

Due to the increasing interest in minerals over the past 20 years the development of FAB is quite acceptable. Currently FAB has more than 60 members. With the continues improvement of memberships the FAB has found its place as the group of German international mining companies. The companies solely are driven by theier individual engagements in international mining. There is a principal distinction between the following member groups and key topics:

  1. Mining stakes, finance, stakeholder management, minerals trade.
  2. Consulting to mining equipment and technical knowhow transfer.
  3. Mining and Environment Consulting.
  4. Companies with larger mineral processing and consumption strategies
  5. Special mining services such as shaft sinking, road way drivage, open pit set-up or contract mining.

Out oft he variety of member activities there are some key minerals which are focused especially with regard to exploration, finance and stakeholding, mining and preparation such as:

  • Energy minerals: lignite in combination with power station construction and hard coal (coking and steaming coal)
  • Industrial minerals and salt: fluospat, graphite and rock salt
  • Sand and stones
  • Metallic ores: antimony, chromium/chromite, gold, Lithium, molybdenum and copper, niobium and tantalum, rare earth, titanium, vanadium, tungsten tin and others.

Besides critical minerals which are required for manufacturing highend technology products there are a number of minerals which are in focus as they are important for delivery to Germany.

The German International Consulting Group renders special consulting services in the mining industry, especially in the fields of coal, lignite, potash, magnesium, rock salt, hard rock and industrial minerals.
Member companies also provide consulting services related to special services like shaft sinking, tunnelling and contract mining, including mining systems, equipment manufacturing, and environmental services.

The member companies, from big mining groups and from companies specialized in shaft sinking, and their key experts form the German International Consulting Group.The extensive know-how within theexpert pool is provided all over the globe.

The services comprise all stages of mining, processing of raw materials, transport and infrastructural matters, the whole life cycle of resources:

Exploration and Mine Planning

  • Mapping, geology, hydrology, mine modelling
  • Soil and rock mechanical investigations
  • Market analysis, technical and bankable feasibility studies, mining economic and financial analysis
  • Draft of Mining law and legal basis for the whole cycle from mining to reclamation
  • Environmental impact analysis
  • Infrastructual questions including mine development
  • Planning and implementation of geo-scientific information systems: data base and digital maps (geology, commodities, bore holes, monitoring, mines, processing plants, smelters, contamined sites, soil science, hydrology, agriculture, forestry…)

Mining, processing and transport

  • Technical and economical evaluation
  • Evaluation of existing infrastructure
  • Consulting in order to increase efficiency, to optimize processes, to lower costs, and provision of key professionals
  • Restructuring of mines, companies and whole industries
  • Contract mining
  • Consulting for optimizing environmental protection, mine and health safety
  • Consulting, planning and implementation of shaft sinking and drilling, tunnelling and freezing
  • Assistance in investment decisions

Closing of mines and mining areas, recultivation and monitoring

  • Reclamation, recultivation
  • Closing of deep and surface mines
  • Flooding of final voids and underground mines, including monitoring control of water quality
  • Consulting in soil protection, emission control and radiation monitoring
  • Handling of waste and its disposal, including radioactive waste
  • Development of monitoring programs for environmental protection
  • Planning of waste deposits and building of disposal sites

Special services

  • Analysis of mining areas and evaluation of the mining industry in special selected countries
  • Land use planning, conflict analysis, development of conflict solution strategies, with special regard to mining
  • Consulting in the fields of mineral and energetic raw materials
  • Training in the above named fields, including management consultancy, legislation and public relations
  • Assistance during tendering and procurement processes
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Concepts of power generation including power plant technologies
  • Collection and processing of geo-scientific data and data Organization in data bases

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